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I took Quantitative Aptitude classes with Renjith Sir. I am a student with a social sciences background, and one who had dropped math since class 11. Thus, I had a lot of ground to cover, clearly indicated by my meagre 45%ile in CAT 2014. Sir helped me gain clarity on the basics in two ways- a) By explaining the logic on each concept (as opposed to just bombarding me with the formulas) b) Patiently explaining the same concept multiple times over 2-3 classes if required. Thanks to his teaching style and sustained effort on my part, we were able to go from 45%ile to 83%ile in CAT2015. While in absolute terms the percentile may not seem impressive, the delta in score is huge. Moreover, a decent verbal and DILR score coupled with quant helped me achieve a 95.08%ile CAT score overall and a 96.8%ile in XAT, making me eligible for calls from IIM Indore, SP Jain and XLRI-HR. I would sincerely recommed his classes for students who wish to give CAT a sincere try. Thank you Sir, and all the best!

XLRI 2016-2018

abhilash S C

I’m probably one of Renjith’s first students. He has a knack for competitive exams. I would even say that a couple of mock CAT analysis sessions with him are worth the entire CAT course of certain “reputed” institutes. At least, that has been my personal experience. I was stuck at 60 odd percentile in the mocks that I was writing for CAT 2012, and very low on confidence because I wasn't understanding the lectures at my institute. That's when I asked him to help me out. First, he managed to convince me that the fact that I didn't understand the concept during the lectures didn't matter, and that I had to learn at my own pace and make sure I understood the fundamentals. Second, he looked at my exam performance from 3-4 mocks, and told me exactly what I needed to relearn and what areas I should skip in the exam. I followed his advice and scored 99.69 in XAT, and a few months later, I was studying in XLRI. If you think I'm exaggerating, I'm not. Like I said, he has a knack.

Abhilash S C
XLRI 2013-2015


Renjith ettan has an excellent grasp of all the topics you need to cover for any management entrance, and the ability and patience to share that knowledge. He has the ability to make tough concepts accessible even to a non maths background student like me, using good examples and analogies. He is also a really good mentor and motivator, and an expert in exam strategy. Highly recommended, you won't be disappointed.

Thomas George


Joining Renjith Chettan's coaching classes was definitely one of the best decisions i took last year.He helped me grasp the basic concepts in all the three sections.His Quantitative Aptitude sessions took me to the zenith of conceptual clarity.His mock analyses helped me enhance my performance over time.I secured a 97.36 in CAT and 99.44 in XAT this year.All thanks to Renjith Chettan and this gives me the confidence to recommend ACME to all CAT aspirants out there .

Paul G Wilson
XAT 2017 - 99.44%ile


Renjith is brilliant at clearing doubts, and explains concepts in a lucid and clear fashion. He helped me score 99.78%ile in CAT on my first attempt. He is also very approachable and patient in doubt sessions. A class with him is sure shot worth the time invested.

Maneel Reddy
FMS 2016-2018

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