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Hi CAT aspirants. Renjith here. I will be reaching out to management aspirants in our lovely city through occasional notes like these.

First off, I want to clarify the agenda here. ACME is a reaction to the status quo. I spent the last 2 years as a private CAT tutor teaching one-on-one at home and through skype while based out of Hyderabad. While the first year was tough, things changed after my first 100 and two out of my six students cleared 99.5 percentile. In the second year, I got plenty of calls from students who had registered and paid full fee amounts to traditional coaching institutes, and were not satisfied with what was being provided in the classrooms. I realized there was a demand for better teaching with more personal attention, and an increased focus on how to convert the classroom training into marks in the exam, by providing better inputs on efficient test taking methods. So the agenda is not to teach 500 people across the city and wait for 10-20 super smart kids to inevitably walk in, figure things out, and get good scores. The goal is to work hands on with every single person in a small, manageable batch to produce the best conversion rate that we've seen from a batch.

How am I gonna do this?
I have spent a good 3-4 years really investing in myself and learning how to learn and learning how to teach. And I can tell you that none of us are really performing up to our potential. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not anywhere near as bright as the final year IIT students who appear in the 100 percentile list year after year. Mine is more of an example of how someone with less intrinsic ability can actually outperform such people by spending some quality time understanding and successfully applying learning theories, and learning HOW TO COMPETE from the best role models for that purpose - sportspersons. I'm not much of a sports buff, but everything you need to learn about competing and coming out on top, you can learn from athletes and other people in highly competitive endeavours.

Now, I'm not saying that people should spend a couple years exploring "learning how to learn", as fascinating a topic as it is. It's only my passion for teaching and mentoring that made me do it. But the insights I've gained are transferable, as the students who have learned from me will attest. (Check out some of the reviews.)

If I were to describe how I do things, "coach" and "sports analyst" are the closest words that I could use, 'cause that's what I do. I make sure aspirants learn correctly, and I monitor them constantly to make sure they get more marks out of the knowledge that they have, than the average test taker. (Mock CAT feedback data is a very crucial part of this. Hopefully, I'll soon be making a video about how to analyze mocks, so watch out for that.)

So if you are a first timer and wish to prepare correctly and efficiently, and compete at the top of your potential, then ACME is worth considering.
If you're a working professional whose CAT scores have plateaued, and you're considering a final attempt next year, but you're faced with the prospect of going to the same place and learning the same concepts, well.. It's time to check out your alternatives.
If you value good teaching and good mentoring, just pick up the phone, talk to me, and see what I have to offer.

Don't take anything I say at face value. Feel free to drop in for 2-3 free sessions and decide for yourself.

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