CAT Knowledge Map

If you're planning to prepare for CAT '18 by yourself, I reckon you might find this useful. It's a rough knowledge map for the CAT syllabus (minus Verbal). Topics are mapped to their prerequisites so that you can quickly find out what you need to have covered before attempting any particular chapter.


Quant chapters are marked in blue, and each figure represents a unit. The ideal order is Arithmetic, Numbers, Combinatorics, Algebra, Geometry.
Logical Reasoning chapters are marked in red. Some of them ideally need to be attempted after covering a related quant chapter.
Most Data Interpretation questions are just applications of the first 4 quant chapters. Learn their fundamentals and applications thoroughly.
The grey lines from Mixtures signifies that there are applications of weighted average in these chapters.

We'll be sharing the prep schedule for our March batch as well, so if you're looking for a routine to follow, we've got just the thing for you 🙂

Batch starts on March 3rd. Classes every Saturday and Sunday till XAT 2019.
Free workshops on Feb 24 and 25.


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