Have you ever been part of a classroom for CAT where

  • The lecturer mostly interacts with only a few students and what you are taking out of the experience is similar to just watching a free YouTube video?
  • Basic fundamentals sometimes get glossed over because a few students are familiar with them?
  • A succession of "lecturers", with differing levels of command over their respective chapters, come and teach you concepts but nobody gives useful and timely advice on how to actually score in the exams?
  • Classrooms worksheets are mostly doable (so that you are happy and you pay your next installment), but then mock CAT season comes along and you realize you haven't really learnt much?
  • You scored a somewhat decent score but you still feel you could have done better if only you had been pushed better to maximize your potential?

All of this happens for pretty much the same reason. You change that one variable, one core value of the institution, and everything changes for the better.

At ACME, we aspire to be successful first. And we mean true success, not the perception of it. We won't have 40+ IIM call getters because we're not enrolling a thousand students every year - we'll only take two batches of 25 each. Maybe three in the future.

Our short term goal is simple and quantifiable. And we are posting it here in advance so that you can evaluate it for yourself.

"We plan to have a HIGHER PERCENTAGE of our entire batch strength receive and convert calls from top 30 B-schools than any other institute in Trivandrum, by CAT 2018."

(Just FYI, Renjith has already done this as a private tutor. A clean 15% of his students are 99 percentilers. Read the reviews here. We are looking forward to the challenge of replicating this with a batch.)

We plan to only take in as many students as we can do justice to. And we plan to raise the bar with respect to what students expect from test prep.

Those bullet points above were us calling out some BS that needed to be called out. And we welcome you to do the same if you ever experience any one of those at ACME!